Top Tips On How to Save Electricity For Your Cool Room

Top Tips On How to Save Electricity For Your Cool Room

Refrigeration can be considered one of the major reasons behind high energy costs. If you run a business with a commercial cool room, then you can expect your energy consumption to be higher as a result.

Still, there are several ways you can save electricity all the same – such as making energy efficiency a deciding factor when you are looking for commercial cool rooms for sale. Even after you have already installed your cool room, you can make use of these handy tips on how to save electricity for your cool room and lower your energy costs.

Keep The Door Closed

This may sound like a simple and straightforward tip, but it is an important one to remember nonetheless. When you have multiple members of staff going in and out of your cool room, you should make sure that keeping the cool room door closed is a general practice for everyone. Put up signs in and around your cool room as a reminder to close the door at all times. It should also become a habit to double check that the cool room door is firmly shut. Furthermore, make a note to inspect the door seals from time to time to ensure that they are keeping the door sealed properly.

Review your loading policies

A lot of cool air can escape from your cool room during the loading and unloading process. This is due to the opening of the doors and the presence of workers inside the cool room. As a result, the efficiency of your cool room can be temporarily affected as more energy is required to regulate the temperature. You can counteract this by carrying out your loading swiftly and in batches, as opposed to single-item trips. You could also try to arrange for loading processes to take place in the early morning or during the evening because it is less hot during those times.

Back-Bar-RefrigeratorsDon’t overload the cool room

When your cool room becomes overloaded, your cooling efficiency will decrease – which in turn will negatively impact your energy efficiency. Your cool room needs proper airflow in order to chill everything properly, so make sure you avoid stacking your cool room full to the brim. Another tip you can use is to refrain from keeping in items that do not need to be in the cool room; storing these unnecessary items can be a waste of energy.

Carry out regular cleaning

In order to operate at optimum efficiency, your cool room must be kept clean. Plan out regular cleaning sessions so that these sorts of tasks do not fall off the radar amidst a busy work schedule. Besides ensuring that the items in the cool room are organised and in good order, you should clean different parts of the cool room such as the condenser and evaporator coil to maintain optimum performance.

Professional Coldroom MaintenanceSchedule professional maintenance

Regular maintenance carried out by experienced professionals is a must when it comes to cool rooms. A cool room expert not only ensures that the different parts of your cool room are working as they should be, but can also give your cool room the service and maintenance it requires to work better and last longer. You should refrain from only contacting the experts when your cool room breaks down, as this habit could exacerbate existing problems and end up costing you more in the long run.

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