Top Things To Consider When Installing A Cool Room

Top Things To Consider When Installing A Cool Room

A commercial cool room creates a controlled environment for temperature-sensitive goods and is an important form of refrigeration across many types of industries. From restaurants and grocery stores, to laboratories and data centres, industrial cool rooms play a big part in the day-to-day operations of these various businesses.

When installing a cool room for your business, there are several factors to consider so you can address all your wants and needs. Here are some important things that you should pay attention to when installing a cool room.

Function and specifications

In order to fulfil the demands of your business, the cool room must be designed with the relevant requirements in mind. For example, some restaurants and food stores need highly individualised cool rooms that are customised to the type of product they are storing.

If you need your cool room to regulate humidity levels as well as temperature, then you can request for this function to be added in when installing your cool room. Having a clear picture of what you need will make it easier to build a cool room that is right for you.

Size and dimensions

It’s up to you to look at the needs of your business and decide what size your cool room should be. Getting this right can be tricky because if your cool room is much larger than necessary, you could find yourself wasting a lot of money. At the same time, you should also think about any plans for scalability in the future. Cost-wise, It is more efficient to get a larger cool room now than increase the size of the cool room later on.

Besides the size, you should consider the dimensions of your cool room. Do you require a multiple-room configuration? While adding chambers to your cool room can make it more energy inefficient, you may prefer the extra convenience for your day-to-day operations.

Location and entry points

Next, decide on the location of the cool room and the layout of the surrounding area; these factors can leave an impact on the functionality of the room. For example, if you opt for a larger cool room at the expense of accessibility, you or your staff may find it difficult getting in and out of it each day.

In a similar vein, consider what you would like your entry and exit points of the cool room to be like. If space is an issue, sliding doors will be more efficient than doors that swing outwards or inwards. For cool rooms that need to be accessed via forklift, the doors must be designed with this requirement in mind.

Organised shelving

You shouldn’t plan for the installation of a cool room without mapping out your shelving as well. Organising your shelving plans beforehand will help determine whether or not you have the right amount of storage space. You will also have a better idea of what the room’s layout is going to be like. That way, you can be doubly sure that you have decided on the correct size and dimensions for your cool room.

Moreover, you would want to know whether you should get fixed shelves or mobile shelves, or perhaps a mixture of both. After all, getting proper shelving is not only about the storage space, but also about adhering to industry-specific standards and regulations.

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