Tips to Reduce Commercial Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Tips to Reduce Commercial Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Tips to Reduce Commercial Air Conditioning Costs This SummerTips to Reduce Commercial Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Commercial air conditioning during the summer period can take up a huge chunk of your business expenses. While it is expected that your energy bills will increase during the hotter months compared to other times of the year, there are still some proactive steps that you can take to reduce the costs of running commercial air conditioning in Adelaide.

Here are some effective tips and strategies that you can put in place to reduce your commercial air conditioning costs this summer.

Keep your air conditioning units clean

Your commercial air conditioning units are prone to picking up dust and dirt over time, which can clog up the relevant ducts and vents in the system. When this happens, the air conditioning unit has to work harder to keep temperatures low, thus using up more energy. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that your air conditioning units are cleaned regularly to prevent this from happening. Make it a point to schedule cleaning tasks as part of your business operations to ensure that they do not go forgotten.

Make use of smart technology

One of the ways to keep your energy consumption efficient is by making sure that your air conditioning systems are maintaining the right temperature. This can be done by manually monitoring the temperature that you want to maintain, but it is much more efficient if you can do this with the use of smart technology. Smart thermostats and sensors can be used to automatically set and regulate temperature, as well as adjust the settings of your air conditioning units accordingly.

Ensure good insulation

A proper insulation strategy can do wonders for the upkeep of your commercial air conditioning units. If you have poor insulation, structural integrity, or leaky walls and roofs, you may find that the cold air from air conditioning is leaking out of the building. This greatly affects your air conditioning efficiency, so it is a problem that you should tackle right away. You can start by insulating with the use of fiberglass and foam padding or even using window covers. Make sure to check this regularly over time as insulation can get worn out over the years.

Get regular maintenance checks

While it is important to keep your commercial air conditioning units clean, ordinary cleaning tasks are not enough to keep your air conditioning energy efficient. Commercial air conditioning units require scheduled maintenance so that professionals can take a look at the systems and perform the required upkeep. Moreover, you should get regular maintenance checks so that any potential problems with your commercial air conditioning can be addressed ahead of time. It is always more cost effective to tackle any issues before they escalate into bigger problems that can cost you more money to repair.

Therefore, you should always refer to commercial air conditioning experts when it comes to regular maintenance and getting specialised energy-saving advice tailored to you and your specific air conditioning units. Here at John Bossy Refrigeration, our experienced team can tell you everything you need to know about commercial air conditioning sales, installation, and long-term service. Get in touch to find out more today.