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Choosing the right refrigeration equipment for your commercial setting is vitally important for any businesses where food must be stored or displayed. The right commercial refrigeration system will ensure that your perishable goods are protected, both for the safety or your consumers and your business. However, selecting the right commercial refrigeration equipment requires a certain amount of study. If you are looking for a new commercial refrigerator and freezer, here are some important factors to consider to make sure it is suited to your business needs.

Refridgeration CommercialFunctionality

If your business requires food or stock to be displayed in a store-front setting, it is important to ensure that the refrigeration equipment is easy to use, especially for your customers. Ensure that the refrigerator or freezer doors are easy to open for your customers, and that the cooling temperature is also easy for your staff to control. Additionally, another factor to consider is whether or not the appliance is relatively easy to clean. Bear in mind that it is essential that your staff can maneuver the handling of the refrigerator as efficiently possible. In essence, ease of use is a crucial factor.

Catering RefrigeratorSize

It is also important to choose a refrigerator which is the correct size for your business needs and for the space you are looking for it to fit in to. Think about the amount of food that you will need to store in your refrigeration space. This will give you an idea of the size required. Do not just buy a refrigerator that will fit the amount you need today, as your business may grow in the future. You will want additional space to allow for this growth to avoid spending on another refrigerator due to a lack of future planning.

Another factor to consider is the rate of use of your refrigerator. Think about how fast your food or stock in the refrigerator will move. If your food or stock has a higher turnover rate, chances are that you would not necessarily require such a large storage space. However, this factor requires a certain amount of certainty towards the efficiency and turnover of your business operations.

Energy Usage

One of the main goals of a business is to generate profit, therefore, it is vital to take into consideration the long-term energy costs of any refrigeration equipment that you are considering buying. Buying a more energy-efficient model may cost more upfront, but it will save you money in the long run if your appliances are energy efficient. There are various commercial refrigeration brands offered in the market, so take into account the energy efficiency each brand has to offer when deciding.

Lifetime Maintenance

Once you have selected which commercial refrigeration equipment is right for your business, it is also important to keep it in good condition so that it will last for as long as possible. It is therefore important to complete a commercial refrigeration service at least once a year to keep your products well maintained. While this comes at a cost, the benefits speak for themselves as you extend the life of your appliances, saving you the cost of needing to invest in newer ones. Some services can be completed by the initial retailer, or there are many servicing companies that can be called when a service is needed or if your appliance breaks down.


If you work in the food, hospitality and catering industry, or other business areas that require reliable commercial refrigeration, it is important to make sure that you have the best possible equipment for your needs, and that it is maintained to the highest standard. Our experienced engineering team at John Bossy Refrigeration have an accumulated total of over 100 years in the commercial refrigeration industry. This makes our knowledge base second to none, and we are experienced in a wide range of commercial refrigeration applications and installation requirements.

Speak to our friendly team for an obligation-free quote for your commercial refrigeration needs.

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