Tips On Choosing The Right Catering Fridge

Tips On Choosing The Right Catering Fridge

Getting the right equipment for your business is as important as ensuring you have the correct staffing in place. For those in the food industry, an economical, reliable catering fridge and functional freezers are a must when it comes to storing and displaying food products. With a number of different models on the market, choosing the right one for your needs is not difficult if you follow these simple hints and tips.

Consider the energy consumption

With rising costs in energy bills, the first point to consider is the energy efficiency rating of the equipment you are using. This is one item that will be in constant use either as a catering freezer or display cabinet. Trying to cut back on energy consumption is difficult in the food business because you need to ensure the quality of the stock is maintained and be very mindful of consumer safety. It is also worth checking with your accountant to see if there are any tax breaks that apply to buying and usage of energy efficient equipment.

Consider storage requirements

This means not just the present needs, but any future growth plans you are factoring in. Commercial space does not come cheap, so you have to make every square metre count, either in terms of selling or displaying stock or production requirements. If you are left with limited space, then a vertical catering display fridge may be a better purchase. You can then maximise the amount of stock on display or the type and number of products you can store. If you are working with a larger production line, for example in the slaughter or processing of meat, then walk in coolers or large chest freezers should be considered.

Consider the functionality of the equipment

If you operate a busy catering kitchen where there is a constant flow of traffic to and from the refrigeration units, these have to be practical and functional for staff to use. The doors need to open and close easily, and in terms of hygiene, they also should be easy to clean. Shelving should be removable and there should be no hard to reach corners where food debris can collect. Think about what staff have to do in terms of storing and packing food items, as well as your consumers reaching in to buy the product. Are the temperature controls and readings easy to access and to operate?

Catering Fridge MealConsider the brand

This is where speaking to a commercial refrigeration specialist is very helpful as they can signpost you to the reliable brand names in fridges and freezers. Commercial consumer magazines or online reviews will also be able to give you an idea of who makes a reliable machine. This is vital because you will be needing the unit to keep food at the required ambient temperature or frozen for 24 hours a day. Make sure you note the advice on maintenance and servicing for the brand you are considering but choose a reliable brand.

Consider the style and aesthetic appeal

This is mainly for those businesses who provide front of house products that are showcased to the public. For shops, cafes or take away outlets, anyone who displays food items to their customers, wants to ensure they do so in an attractive and appealing manner. Display cabinets come in a range of styles and sizes, so you need to think about what product you are going to be putting in as well as the décor of the commercial outlet. Longer term storage will require a more practical chest or walk in freezers.

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