The Complete Guide To Purchasing The Most Suitable Commercial Fridge For Your Business

The Complete Guide To Purchasing The Most Suitable Commercial Fridge For Your Business


Investing in commercial refrigeration for your company does need some research and planning before choosing the best equipment to suit your needs. Commercial fridges are the most frequently used items in a professional kitchen, so they have to be robust enough to deal with hot and humid conditions, while maintaining a chilled environment for food and drink, as the doors are constantly being opened. The contents of a commercial refrigerator are often worth hundreds of dollars, so it is vital they are not compromised.

The style and type of commercial fridge are important as well, depending on whether you sell direct to the consumer and need countertop fridges or low fridges to optimise the space in your kitchen. Understanding the different types of fridges along with their features, functions and benefits will assist in pinpointing what type of fridge is going to best suit your requirements.

Countertop or refrigerated servery fridges

If you are selling direct to the consumer, retail or wholesale, pre prepped food or readymade, then countertop fridges are a great way to showcase produce and food items. They are also very easily accessible for both staff and the customer, so if preparing sandwiches or using the containers to hold prepped toppings for pizza’s, these are a very versatile item. Often used as well in the hospitality industry for buffet style dining, they are smart and stylish enough for front of house use.

Refrigerated serveries are compact, robust and are wider than they are deep. This means that they can be very easily positioned to make the most of the selling or service space that you have available. Plus, they are easy to clean, and the glass covers provide a good view of the contents while preventing contamination of the food.


These are the types of chiller that most people think about when it comes to fridges as they are commonly used in the home. Commercial uprights however, come in a range of sizes a lot bigger than the household ones. They can have a very large capacity depending on your needs, only bettered for space by a walk-in cooler. If you are tight on space but want the capacity, know that they also come with double doors, with adjustable shelves for bulky items, and have quick and easy access.

Counter fridges

Where staff need to prep, cook and store food in a small environment, a fridge that can double up as a preparation area certainly earns its money. These fridges are at waist height, offering chilled under-the-counter space. As the countertop is usually made of stainless steel, there are robust enough to cope with food prep activity while being easy to keep clean – a boon for the Environmental Health Officer. They come in a range of choices with doors or drawers or a combination of both, so they are very flexible pieces of kit. They are also robust enough to be used as shelving space with food mixers or blenders standing on top and come in sizes to fit your space.

Undercounter fridges

If you need quick and easy access to food or drink, then the undercounter range may be more appealing. Very useful in bars or fast food areas, they are compact, efficient and flexible enough to be a backup if needed front of house. They look like the household fridge, but the doors are solid enough to stand up to commercial use.

Food prep fridges

These are commonly used in fast service restaurants and are similar to the counter fridges. They include an area where ambient or chilled food is quickly available. They do offer storage and a worktop area (some with stay cool marble worktops which not only look great but are perfect for pizza and bakery usage). You can opt for a choice of doors, drawers or a mixture of both to suit your needs and requirements.

Commercial FreezerA Specialist commercial fridge

There are also a range of specialist fridges on the market today that may also suit your business. If offering chilled drinks, the bar fridge comes in a range of sizes and capacity but with glass doors, so the clients can see what is on offer. If you are operating a large commercial premise and have to reduce the temperature of cooked foods quickly, then a blast chiller will fit the bill. They may be a mandatory requirement in some industrial kitchens because they rapidly cool food to minimise the growth of bacteria as part of the cook/chill process. Catering display fridges cover a multitude of fridges from commercial wine chillers to beer fridges. This type of commercial fridge is often seen in cafes, clubs, hotels and restaurants and ensure your merchandise is showcased to the best effect while keeping it chilled and at an ambient temperature.

No matter your requirements, you can speak to the professionals who will help to narrow down the best choice of commercial fridge to suit your needs. At John Bossy, we pride ourselves on our high level of customer support and personal service, including after sales service. Even better, we are a locally owned and operated company that offers a large and comprehensive range of services and products – at competitive prices!

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