Signs That Your Commercial Fridge Needs Repair

Signs That Your Commercial Fridge Needs Repair

Commercial fridges and coolers are vital to a number of industries from hospitality and catering to food manufacturing, retail and wholesale distribution and sales. Once you have invested in a good quality refrigeration unit, you need to continue to maintain it so that you get the most from your purchase. From time to time, there may be the need for a commercial fridge repair, so you have to keep your eyes open for the following signs and call in the experts before things get any worse.

Ice forming on the exterior

If you are carrying out your regular visual checks, this is easy to spot. Make sure that you have not overloaded the inside of the refrigerator because this will impact on the air flowing around the food items causing a problem with the temperature. However, if this is all in order and you can see ice forming on the evaporator coils, the freezer door or starting to build up inside the unit, contact your commercial refrigeration repairs specialists in Adelaide.

Doors don’t shut properly

Commercial fridge doors are in constant use and can be damaged or warped by people moving trays and trolleys and a very busy humid environment such as a catering kitchen. If the hinges or seals are affected, the door will fail to close and seal in the ambient temperature and items inside the unit may get too warm. Food that should be cold may start to thaw and this is a warning sign to call in the experts to check out what is happening.

Temperature fluctuations

By this, we are talking about more than just one or two-degrees difference. Part of the routine checks and maintenance involves cleaning the refrigeration unit and checking that nothing is obstructing the air circulation around the coils. When carrying out your regular checks take note of the temperature inside the fridge or freezer unit. If it is not as cold as it should be, or the door feels warm to the touch, the unit could be running low on coolant.

This is relatively easy to fix but because it involves handling chemicals, this is something best left to your commercial fridge repair company. If you are getting water drops inside the unit or condensation on the outside, again this is a sign to call out the experts.

Noise level changes

Unlike your car, which if it starts making an unusual noise, is a warning to get it to the garage, your refrigeration unit should constantly give off a low humming noise. This means the compressor is working normally and the compressor is one of the most important parts in a commercial fridge. If the noise level drops and there is a difference in temperature, then check the compressor for wear and tear as it will need repairing.

Leaking refrigerant and an increase in energy costs

The refrigerant is the liquid that moves around the coils in the unit helping to cool down the air inside the unit and keep food at the optimum temperature. If you notice a puddle of liquid at the base of the unit, it could well be a leak. If you ignore this, over time, the refrigerant will completely empty, the unit will work less efficiently (you may have unexplained higher energy bills as the fridge tries to work twice as hard to keep cool) and eventually it will stop altogether.

Consumer complaints

Spoiled food is also a sign something can be wrong with your commercial fridge so inspect the unit and your supplies and storage very carefully.

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