How to Make Your Commercial Refrigerator More Eco Friendly

How to Make Your Commercial Refrigerator More Eco Friendly

We all want to do our bit for the environment and this includes those working in commercial catering and hospitality. One way is to reduce landfill waste and the disposal of harmful chemicals into the environment and this means taking care of your existing commercial refrigeration. Adelaide businesses can ensure that by properly purchasing, siting, maintaining and cleaning their fridges and freezers, the shelf life of these essential items of catering equipment is lengthened. Therefore, when it comes to disposal, it will cause the least harm when the components are broken down, and reduce the number going into landfill sites.


If you are considering buying a new fridge or freezer unit for your business, then do your homework. Speak to your local commercial refrigeration experts in Adelaide, who can advise on the make and models that use greener technology and are robust enough for a commercial kitchen. Natural refrigerants used in the cooling cycle will be better for the environment in the long run. There are models that offer these as standard or you can consider whether upgrades to hydrocarbon natural refrigerants would be available.

Cool Room Fridge and Freezer ServicePositioning

Make sure that you have positioned your refrigeration unit in the right place. It is very important that it is level and that you have not placed it next to a catering hot spot such as ovens or steamers for example. If that is the case, the refrigerator has to work twice as hard to maintain the temperature inside, using up more energy, which is not eco-friendly. Siting it in an area with a lower external ambient temperature is best and ensure there are no obstructions to the exhaust vent and intake vent. This means the space behind the unit must be clear and well ventilated.


Carry out regular inspections of both external and internal parts of the unit. Check that the door seals are working properly, the hinges are in good condition and the rubber is not cracked. If the door is not sealed shut, warmer air enters the unit and it expends more energy trying to keep the internal environment cool. Ice builds up and this can make it difficult to close doors, and internal drawers and food will be compromised. Make sure that you book in regular maintenance from your commercial refrigeration specialists in Adelaide. They can maintain and inspect some of the areas that you cannot access and check that the coils that make up the cooling mechanism are in top condition. If there are any potential areas of concern, they will be able to identify and sort these out before it becomes a problem.


Dust and grease from the working environment can clog up the condenser coils which reduces their efficiency. Once a week, clean them by either wiping them down or vacuuming the dust and dirt away. Use an old clean toothbrush to clean down the door seals, removing trapped food which can become a health hazard, but also cleaning the seals ensures they work more effectively and efficiently. Make sure food debris is not trapped in the open channels or small drainage holes in the unit. Overproduction of ice occurs again wasting more electricity which is not good for the environment and not good for your energy bills.

For further advice and guidance on what else you can do to make your commercial fridge eco-friendlier, contact the experienced and knowledgeable commercial refrigeration specialists at John Bossy Refrigeration. We are proud to offer a large and comprehensive range of services and products – at competitive prices.