Different Types Of Commercial Refrigeration For A Brewery

Different Types Of Commercial Refrigeration For A Brewery

The number of craft breweries are increasing every year as they become more and more popular. For an owner, there are many different things to consider, such as the type of merchandise and appliances they want to use. To get the best out of your brewery, these are the different types of commercial refrigeration in Adelaide that can benefit you.

Display-Refrigerators1) Display Walk-In Refrigerators

Display Walk-In Refrigerators are ideal for storing cases of beer that are yet to be shipped and can be tailored to fit your storage and production needs. What’s more, you can also include customised entrance ways with electric sliding doors, for brewery tours.


2) Back Bar Refrigerators

If you have a pub or bar, at your brewery, where customers can come and test your brand of beer, back bar refrigerators are an excellent way to display your beer bottles conveniently for bartenders to access them. Back bar refrigerators can come in up to 91 inches long, with the option of having self-closing doors and an ample amount of back stock of beer space for your bar or pub.

3) Upright Glass-Door Refrigerators

Larger upright glass-door refrigerators are fantastic for any visitors to buy take out beer at your brewery. These refrigerators provide an exceptional amount of space to store multiple six packs of beer for customers to purchase and take home. There is a wide array of upright glass door refrigerators that come with anti-fog, self-closing doors, allowing your customers to always see your beer options clearly when they visit your establishment.

A commercial kitchen refrigerator can serve different needs, so it can be important to consider which options suit you, depending on the specific aspects of your business. Take time to consider whether you’re in need of extra storage, offering beer for customers to take home, or whether you’re offering beer tasting or would like to have customers drink at your bar. When deciding on the type of commercial refrigerators for your brewery, be sure to consider what aspects of your business you’re looking to invest in, before looking at different models of each type of refrigerator.

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