actron air adelaideTakes an all Australian company to understand and meet the challenges of Australia’s unique climate, particularly when it comes to commercial climate control.

ActronAir® takes a highly sophisticated and intelligent approach to air conditioning design, enabling their specifically designed air conditioners to handle the tough Australian conditions.

daikin adelaideDaikin are a world leader in air conditioning and are the largest manufacturer of air conditioners in Japan, Daikin are the air conditioning specialists. Their entire focus is on bringing climate-controlled comfort to places where people live, work, meet and relax.

Fujitsu General adelaide In Australia Fujitsu General enjoys the envious position as the number one supplier of air conditioning products to the Australian market – “Australia’s Favourite Air”.

With advanced technology and leading edge design, Fujitsu is a trusted name to deliver quality, reliability and affordability.

Fujitsu General air conditioning products deliver performance and efficiencies of a world class standard which is why more and more people are enjoying Fujitsu Comfort in their homes, meeting, relaxing and work places.

Hitachi Adelaidetemperzone adelaide

Hitachi have a huge range of air conditioning to suit every social, work place and lifestyle environment.

New technological breakthroughs allow Hitachi to provide high quality, efficient and reliable air conditioning solutions.

lennox adelaideToday, the Lennox name is recognized throughout the world for quality indoor comfort. So when you see the Lennox label, you know you can count on exceptional performance and reliability. Their name and image represent more than a hundred years’ tradition of creating the industry’s finest, most innovative heating, cooling and indoor air quality products.

Mitsubishi Electric Adelaide Mitsubishi Electric commercial air conditioners are world-leaders in reliability, quietness and energy efficiency, and proven performance in the tough Australian environment.

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