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If you have owned or operated a Commercial kitchen fridge, then you know that repairs and fixes over the long run can get expensive quickly. For those in the food and beverage or hospitality business, a Commercial kitchen fridge is absolutely indispensable, which is why you should take steps to ensure cost efficiency.

When it comes to looking after your commercial fridge or commercial freezer in Adelaide, there are several steps you should take to ensure that it remains up and running effectively for a long time to come.

Here are five maintenance tips that will help ensure that your fridge or freezer remains running smoothly when you need it the most.

Sales Service Installatin by John Bossy Refrigeration1. Schedule Regular Maintenance

The simplest and most effective means of properly maintaining your commercial cooler is through regularly scheduled commercial refrigeration service.

The proper service company can even help you to create a customised plan that will check for common issues, carry out appropriate cleaning, and ensure that your fridge runs properly for a long time. Skipping regular maintenance is the easiest way to reduce the lifespan of your commercial kitchen fridge.

2. Cleaning

For the end user there are a few simple methods that can help increase the lifespan of the unit. For starters, make sure that both the interior and exterior are clean and free of dust and debris.

Just make sure that you are using proper cleaning solutions and rags when cleaning. You can use a soft brush or cloth to scrub down any shelving, drain pans, tubes, and other surfaces.

If you can fit a longer cleaning routine in, it is advised that you take out any shelves and drawers to allow them time to soak. All of this means less dirt and debris in the air, which can cause issues throughout your commercial fridge or freezer.

Organise-Maximise-Space-For-Your-Industrial-Cool-Room3. Proper Sealing

Commercial kitchen fridges have doors that allow for the access of goods kept inside. There is already enough wear on the unit as the temperatures can shift slightly with every opening and closing of the door.

But when the doors aren’t sealed properly, that causes further strain on the unit. For starters, any food kept inside likely won’t be under proper temperature conditions. There is also the fact that the unit isn’t operating efficiently and needs to run longer resulting in higher energy bills and a lot more time and money spent on maintenance in the long run.

Check the sealant on the doors to ensure that they are working properly. If you notice that it is loose or flimsy, have it replaced as soon as possible. This is one of those issues that is difficult to notice but could wind up costing you (and your commercial fridge and freezer) dearly.

4. Eliminate Moisture

Whenever moisture is allowed to permeate an area, especially a place such as a Commercial kitchen fridge, you run several risks. Where food storage is concerned, the risks only go up from there.

When excess water gets into the unit, it can freeze up the cooling coil over time. Ultimately this will result in unit failure and a costly loss of stock. An ice build up can potentially degrade and even destroy components within the unit. That means costly repairs or replacements that could have otherwise been avoided. Regular maintenance means checking for issues that could potentially lead to excessive moisture down the line.

5. Proper Capacity

The Commercial fridge that you are using, particularly in the case of a food storage unit, is only built to take on so much responsibility. So, while it may seem harmless to cram food items into the unit, you are actually doing harm to both the food and the unit.

Make sure that you don’t overload the capacity of the unit. Doing so puts more strain on the condenser coil and motor, which eventually wears them down and ultimately shortens their lifespan. That is not even mentioning the higher-than-normal energy costs.

John Bossy Refrigeration Can Help

We hope these five steps have helped point you in the right direction regarding proper upkeep and maintenance of your Commercial kitchen fridge. However, when it comes to commercial refrigeration service, it is always best to call in the professionals.

At John Bossy Refrigeration, we have the experience and industry knowledge necessary to service and maintain your commercial kitchen refrigerators. Get in touch with us for a quote today.

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