4 Safety Practices For Commercial Refrigeration Management

4 Safety Practices For Commercial Refrigeration Management

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There’s no doubt that commercial refrigeration management requires you to not only handle industrial machinery with care but to be used with the right combination of implemented safety practices.

Your commercial refrigerator can go wrong sometimes however, any significant consequences can be avoided or balanced out by ensuring staff members are following correct procedures and solid safety measures put in place.

To make sure you’re staying on top of things, check out these 4 essential safety practices for commercial refrigeration management.

1) Maintain High Standard Of Cleanliness

It’s important to make sure that your commercial cool room is cleaned and kept tidy on a regular basis. Be sure to clear away all frost, ice and spills that pose a hazard to staff members. It’s vital to spot anything that could cause them harm and to slip and fall. Furthermore, be sure to clean all shelves, doors, interior walls, seals and locks with the correct detergent products to prevent and remove any mould building up that can cause further health issues.

2) Don’t Overload Your Refrigerator

Walk-in freezers and other commercial refrigerators will have a general limit to how much stuff can be loaded onto them. Be sure to observe these guidelines and adhere to them. A collapsed shelf can lead to plenty of damaged inventory and wastage, as well as the potential to cause serious injury to a member of staff. To avoid increasing the risk of accidents, be sure to not have too many shelves to begin with and to keep them at eye level even if you think they can be placed higher. The last thing you want is for a staff member to struggle to reach up and grab something they can’t reach, to then try to climb up and fall, or cause more stuff to fall down from shelves.

3) Always Have Protective Wear

Working in an environment surrounded by commercial and industrial refrigeration can be a cold place. Spending a significant amount of time in sub-zero temperatures handling frozen goods and products can be rough on the hands and body. Therefore, gloves, coats and protective wear can be invaluable pieces of equipment for your staff. Ensuring that they’re looked after in harsh environments can go a long way in making sure they look after themselves as well as the inventory. Be sure to keep a few protective items they can use near the entrance of your commercial refrigerator.

4) Install Appropriate Alarms For Anyone Trapped

In case of an emergency, it’s always a good idea to install some sort of alarm system that staff can trigger if they do get stuck in your commercial refrigerator. It can be difficult to be heard by anyone outside on the other side of the door, so it’s important to have a siren or obvious indicator that can be switched on from the inside of your freezer to prevent any mishaps from becoming a complete disaster.

Implementing and following these safety practices can go a long way in maintaining your commercial refrigerators. Be sure to always keep in mind of any hazards that pose a risk to your staff and act upon them to help prevent and reduce the risk of any accidents involving your commercial refrigeration.

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